The Future of Weight Loss: IV Hydration Therapy & Injectables

Losing weight can be a challenging journey for many individuals especially as we age. While a balanced diet and regular exercise remain the cornerstones of weight management, certain supportive measures can complement these efforts. If you are tired of spending time and money on ineffective weight loss gimmicks then it may be time to try something new–IV hydration therapy/injectables.

The future of weight loss is here, and we are excited to tell you a little bit more about it with this brief guide:

  • IV Hydration

When it comes to weight loss, IV hydration therapy could be just what you need to get those pounds off! Bypassing the digestive tract, drip ingredients are delivered to the bloodstream efficiently, offering a wide range of weight loss benefits such as improved metabolic efficiency, reduced cravings, decreased body fat, and enhanced energy. IV hydration therapy really is the future of weight loss–and the future looks bright! 


All of the ingredients found in Slim & Trim weight loss drips are added to improve metabolic function and overall wellness.

  • Vitamin C 

  • Arginine 

  • Amino Blend 

  • B-Complex 

  • Lip-B

  • Intramuscular Injections

If you just don’t have time to sit for any IV hydration drip, and you are looking for a quick and seamless weight loss solution for your busy schedule, then an intramuscular injection may be the right choice for you. Similar to IV therapy, IM injectables bypass the digestive tract, providing your body with an immediate boost to restore cellular health and assist with weight loss. 

How it Works

For best results, Skinny Boost injectables are administered twice a week for three consecutive weeks, and once per week thereafter. 

At Living Well Therapeutics we help you achieve your weight loss goals with our personalized IV hydration and IM injection therapies. With custom therapies that are tailored to your specific health and wellness needs, we ensure that you have all the tools needed to lose weight efficiency and keep those stubborn pounds off for the long-term. 

Looking to improve other aspects of your health and wellness? We have an extensive menu of drips and injectables to address any and all of your health concerns. From immune support, hangover relief, detoxification treatments, and more, we gotchu you covered from all angles. Achieve your health goals and contact us today to book your treatment!